OpenFOAM ®  Solutions for CAE

Efficient with state-of-the-art HPC cluster technology and in the cloud


Achieve a new level of performance in virtual product development: We design IT environments that enable CAE engineers
to use OpenFOAM® with maximum efficiency. Benefit from high-performance infrastructure that optimally supports even extremely computationally intensive simulations.

      Maximum agility

      No matter how many product variants exist: With the right IT infrastructure for OpenFOAM, engineers can manage their product development in a highly automated way. Even newcomers can achieve immediate success with OpenFOAM.


      Optimal scalability 

      Distribute compute-intensive simulations in a technically flexible way to suit your requirements: Our deployment helps you to perfectly adapt the cloud or high-performance HPC clusters for OpenFOAM calculations to all workloads. 

      Greatest competitive advantages 

      Leverage the latest cloud technology and unlimited computing resources. You increase the quality of simulations and significantly accelerate virtual product development. The result: a significantly reduced time-to-market.

                Are you interested?

                Then we will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer for a 
                powerful IT environment that makes engineers happy.

                Performance steigern

                Increase performance 

                With a turnkey IT infrastructure for OpenFOAM, GNS Systems provides engineers the basis for faster and shorter design cycles.

                Simulation in Echtzeit

                Computer power for simulations

                The resources in the cloud scale according to workloads - an unbeatable advantage for running simulation processes in real time.

                Extreme Modellgrößen lösen

                Solving extreme model sizes 

                OpenFOAM-based applications on turn-key HPC clusters from GNS Systems automatically use the performance potential of the servers optimally.

                State-of-the-art computing architectures for complex CFD simulations 

                HPC supercomputers are being used to an ever-increasing extent in the engineering sector of enterprises. After all, the application of complex simulation models in product development requires massive parallel calculations to be performed on state-of-the-art computing architectures. The experts of GNS Systems support the development
                of efficient simulation environments with modern software tools like OpenFOAM and solve future-oriented technical problems on an industrial scale.

                Our potential 

                Take advantage of our many years of engineering know-how for your personal OpenFOAM workflow. We support you in aligning the toolbox to your processes in the long term and in mastering complex CAE tasks in a future-proof way.  
                Do you have special requirements? Our experienced specialists will customize OpenFOAM to meet your needs.

                OpenFOAM ®* Management 

                • Integration of OpenFOAM into complex infrastructures
                • Extensive consulting in the 
                  Hardware selection 
                • Provision of HPC clusters
                • Automation of workflows

                OpenFOAM ®*   in the Cloud

                • Access to unlimited computing capacity for all workloads
                • More flexibility through state-of-the-art HPC cluster technology
                • Ideal organization of parallel workflows
                • Collaborations in real time 

                OpenFOAM  ®*  Customizing

                •  Improved automated processes with
                • Practice-oriented realization of current
                  Technologies e.g. Cloud
                • Specialized parallelization of HPC clusters
                • Extensive consulting

                Use Case

                Standardized process of simulation development: 

                Standardisierter Prozess der Simulationsentwicklung
                Process of portable sequence automation

                Top 3 Benefits:

                Modular Pool
                of functions


                Portable on HPC cluster 
                or Cloud

                Flexible according to
                respective need

                Optimal cost control with maximum transparency and stability 

                The competent selection of OpenFOAM modules supports engineers in organizing their workflow optimally. A fixed pool of functions allows to automate the process of simulation developments with OpenFOAM portably. The advantage: The workflow can be executed without further adjustments on local as well as remote environments such as HPC clusters or the cloud. 

                For engineers, portable process automation simplifies the entire workflow by eliminating the need for previously laborious manual process sequences. The modularly configured process even works according to the all-run principle: 
                From the startup of the OpenFOAM version to the start of the applications and the actual operation, everything is fully automated. With this pool of functions, every user can flexibly arrange his workflow according to his needs. 

                The high portability favors the error-free deployment of the development on local workstations as well as in complex HPC environments. Developers test the simulations on local workstations before they scale them in the HPC environment. With the portable process automation, our customer achieves optimal cost control with the greatest possible transparency and stability. 


                "The complex requirements of the OpenFOAM program and its various fields of application have become a transparent, very robust and easy-to-use process. The successful implementation was made possible in particular by the professional, application-specific and technical expertise of the GNS Systems team". 

                Customer Statement 

                Our expertise for your success

                  GNS Systems has more than 20 years experience in CAE application management and virtual product development. Every year we provide more than 100,000 hours of HPC services for well-known customers from the automotive, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering industries. Our agile, cross-functional teams work nationally and internationally. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can provide you with comprehensive and detailed advice and ensure that your project is implemented in a way that has proven itself in practice. 

                20 years of experience 

                Our proven experts in cloud and engineering technology customize your OpenFOAM workflow to meet your exact needs. We also integrate individual solutions for CAE software and engineering applications already available at customers. 

                View over the edge of the plate 

                Our extensive knowledge of the OpenFOAM structure and functionality supports your computationally intensive simulations. We do not only use existing tools, but also take a holistic view of management - for more efficiency of your processes. 

                Proof of Success

                High performance computing in the cloud is complex. With a proof of concept, we provide you with a meaningful basis for deciding how to use OpenFOAM most effectively and profitably for your company. 


                Satisfied customers are the best proof of our successful work. We have worked closely with them, realized projects together and implemented ideas. Let us convince you.