OpenFOAM ®   Solutions for CAE     

Efficient with state-of-the-art HPC cluster technology in the cloud  


OpenFOAM ®*  Management

  • Integration of OpenFOAM into complex infrastructures
  • Comprehensive advice on
    hardware selection
  • Provision of HPC clusters
  • Automation of workflows

Increase performance 

 In product development, rapid market introduction is a decisive key to remaining competitive. The experts of GNS Systems set up a fully automated environment for CAE engineers for calculation runs with OpenFOAM. In state-of-the-art infrastructures such as the cloud, the OpenFOAM tools work particularly efficiently. Scalable HPC clusters support any workload and form the basis for faster and shorter development cycles. 

The result: better products in less time and thus a shorter time to market.   

    Computer power for simulations

    Simulation processes in OpenFOAM can be cleverly supported with the cloud. Especially with large amounts of data, cloud resources scale according to Workloads. In this way, your own local resources and machines remain available for other tasks. The experts from GNS Systems support CAE engineers who Align cloud environments for OpenFOAM simulations That way, you'll benefit from this easy access to high-end resources in no time. 

    You need unlimited access to computing power for simulations? With an efficient cloud infrastructure, this is possible anytime and anywhere - also for use by collaboration teams.  

    OpenFOAM ® * in the Cloud

    • Access to unlimited computing capacity for all workloads
    • More flexibility through the most modern 
      HPC cluster technology
    • Ideal organisation of parallel workflows
    • Collaborations in real time 

    OpenFOAM ® * Customizing

    • Improving automated processes with OpenFOAM
    • practice-oriented realisation of current technologies e.g. Cloud
    • Specialized parallelization of HPC clusters
    • Extensive consulting

    Solving extreme model sizes 

    High Performance Computing (HPC) is increasingly a must-have for computationally intensive simulations: Even highly complex structures can be investigated in a very short time. The experts at GNS Systems provide CAE engineers with a turnkey HPC environment for their OpenFOAM simulations, which can handle even extreme model sizes. 

    The advantage: Achieve faster calculation runs even with extreme model sizes.
    Without compromising on details or the quality of the results.

        State-of-the-art computing architectures for complex CFD simulations

        The growing number of product variants and the increasing system complexity present CAE engineers from enterprises with new challenges - namely, to efficiently process ever larger amounts of data in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure. We at GNS Systems are well aware of these challenges and find the optimal solution for your OpenFOAM workflow.

        overcome challenges

        The experts of GNS Systems provide CAE engineers with turnkey IT environments according to their workloads.

        Using the most modern technologies

        The experts of GNS Systems distribute computationally intensive simulations effectively to powerful computing resources.

        Secure competitive advantages

        High-performance resources such as the cloud and HPC clusters significantly increase the quality and speed of simulations. 

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            powerful IT environment that makes engineers happy. 

            Standardized process of simulation development:   

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